Three Roleplayers (and the occasional special guest) from very different backgrounds have written a role playing game. You want to get right into the meat of it you can download the Core Book free via Once you've got your head round that get back here and listen on...

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Autumn PULP

I typed this massive summary of the show and then my browser crashed. So here's the quick version.

We talk about the summer hiatus and how next year we'll do that on a deliberate rather than accidental basis.

We talk about PULP, the release of the system on Sept 13th and the events we're planning to run.

There's an extra feature, London Gamers talk about playing in a session of Western PULP and discuss the ease and variety of the PULP experience.

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And we're gathered now to consider putting spring to rest. It's been a hectic couple of months going from Beer & Pretzels to the UK Games Expo and we're going to be rounding off our spring time activities on Free RPG Day at Mondo Comico in Nottingham on the 18th.

In this episode we're looking back at the Expo just gone and forward to the new things we've learned about No Dice in that time and the possibilities for the future. We talk about meeting new people, making new contacts, playing new games and generally having a great time at the con.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was how markedly different a table of No Dice players are to a table of "regular" role players. We always wanted to achieve the holy grail of something fresh and different in the RP arena and we think we're finally getting to that place, perhaps that's the most exciting thing of all. Progress seemed slow at times but only by immersing ourselves in a world of games did we discover how far it was that we had truly come.

So faithful friends and new listeners, step closer. The next chapter of No Dice is likely to be the most exciting and innovative yet and you are going to want to be there to see it unfold for yourself.

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It's convention season, or, at least, it appears to be and some No Dicers take a finger pause in between appearing at Beer & Pretzels and the UK Games Expo to talk about the new Core System, plans for the closing parts of 2011. We mention things people will be able to enjoy while meeting us out and about, the new mailing list and the potential alive in the new Core System. It's an exciting time for No Dice so come along and say hi!

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Probably sounds a lot more exciting than it is. Leo, Matt and Justin toss around a few ideas about translating the truly epic into a satisfying RP experience. The perpetual bugbear of such endeavours is always that if you base your game on some accepted mythos the characters from that narrative tend to threaten to overshadow your own adventurers. We talk about the hopes that the No Dice effort, working title, Ages of Avalon will circumvent that necessity with some clever metaphysical jiggery and, indeed, pokery.

It's a compact half hour so shouldn't hurt your ears too much. We're hoping to record the next show soon and make it about our initial findings, about which we think you'll be very pleased. Also, No Dice is heading out on the road very shortly in the UK particularly around the Midlands. Why not check out the event calendar on the front psge of and see if you can get yourself down to one of our appearances where you can get involved with a taster session?

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Yes, it's the return of the schmooze horn as No Dice revs up to go on the road in Spring 2011 (although we don't think we're going to make it to Concrete Cow tomorrow as we have a prior engagement with some dark gods, drunk people and Viking warriors). We get into why you really, really, really should invest in a beautiful, fragrant, action-packed and fun-filled copy of Shadow Cities and why it won't leave you with that bitter aftertaste associated with some indie RPG product.

Obviously we also go into some detail about our plans to get out "on the schmooze" as it were and we'll be bringing our awesome PULP/Shadow Cities/Levercastle triple threat experience to a con near you at some point this year (as long as you live within an hour and a half's drive and petrol doesn't end up costing more than 2 pounds a litre, of course).

So yes, admittedly, there are a few ifs, nos, buts and maybes involved but we'd be shocked and dismayed if we didn't get to polish down the schmooze horn in 2011 and blow it hard for all and sundry within earshot...

I should have thought a bit harder about that last sentence, shouldn't I?

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Not that podcasting over Skype is particularly new to us as Ian has often joined us for a chinwag from the Antipodean territories. The idea of someone local being on the end of the e-phone, however, is a new one. So marvel as Justin Skypes us from his own home for a discussion about other new things.

The gamer beard is getting some good shaggy inches on it at this time. So we're talking about playtesting Ian's new game and using a new technique to do it. About the expectations of complete outsiders and the lingering disappointment of those who wanted more role and less roll with their role playing.

It's all inkeeping with a contemplative start to the year but as Spring starts to make it's presence felt we can truly consider the more action packed aspects of the year to come. Join us!

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In a podcast recorded really not that long after the New Year Leo, Sue, Andy and Matt really try to get their heads around what should be happening in 2011 in the world of No Dice. The results are possibly some of the most interesting and revolutionary ideas to inhabit a role playing discussion in the history of the hobby.

While talking about the things that we would like to see in 2011 it becomes apparent that what we are trying to push in 2011 is the idea of an entirely new hobby. Sure, back in 2008 we began thinking in terms of an RPG and we used RPG tools to blaze the trail. But in 2011 we're somewhere new, somewhere exciting, gripping, involving. Pioneers of a new experience. Creatives and narrative enthusiasts of the world, join us to see the vistas of this brave new world of No Dice!

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Let's hope that, like the month of March 2011 in the world of No Dice will go out like a lamb after this distinctly leonine turn.

The major lesson to be learned here is not to make Sue angry for similar reasons to those given for not making Dr. Bruce Banner angry. Although as Leo quotes towards the close of the cast: "Sometimes you gotta slap 'em in the face just to get their attention".

It's been three weeks since we recorded this one and, if I'm honest (this is Leo) all I remember of recording this with Sue and Andy was that it was funny, shocking and sure to cause controversy. All I can say is that No Dice is coming out of the blue corner in 2011 swinging for the current hobby known as Role Playing and all the beard stroking may plant the seeds of intellectual revolution.

Or, alternatively, it may just make people angry. Let the bunfight commence!

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In the second part of the end of year pod-a-thon Leo, Andy and Ian discuss some narrative stuff, partially as an accompaniment to stroking their huge gamer beards but also to indicate the kinds of things you can expect to see emerge from the No Dice cupboard o' stuff in 2011.

The meat of the discussion revolves around two points, firstly the accommodation of players who don't want to fight fire with fire, or big monsters with large amounts of silverware. Some ideas are laid down about what a player can do in a game and how a variety of actions that can be explored more easily with narrative devices.

Then we move onto looking at character archetypes which apply both to player characters and to Host creations. We talk about the difference between looking at someone as a "Paladin" and looking at them as a "Chief"  and why narrative frameworks give more possibilities in narrative gaming.

See, I told you it was beardy. Grow yours in 2011 the Year of the Gamer Beard!

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In the dying days of 2010 Leo, Ian and Andy discuss the ways that No Dice has grown and developed and the plans for growth in 2011. Expect wambling tangents aplenty in a discussion that covers such many and varied topics as how 2010 spectacularly failed to be *the* year of No Dice, despite being *a* year of No Dice.

We also discuss the idea of meeting people, sharing our ideas and the warehouse stock of ideas which, amazingly, seems to be fuller rather than emptier in a year when two and a half systems have been written, one has been published and a spin off novel was also penned.

It should be noted that the rambling conversation does come in two parts which slot, almost seamlessly, together to make a united whole. Yes, there is something of a cliff hanger but more in the sense that in part one we run off the edge of the cliff and end up hanging off it. In part two see us rally and claw our way back onto our lofty perch and put together some of our most fascinating content.

If this two parter is anything to go by 2011 is going to be the year of beardy contemplation in the No Dice camp.

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